Crash Data Retrieval

Many passenger motor vehicles and heavy trucks since the 1990's have incorporated an event data recorder ( EDR ) with the airbag control module ( ACM ) ,engine control module ( ECM ) or powertrain control module ( PCM ).  These devices potentially capture and record very useful information pertaining to a collision, including: vehicle speed, change in velocity (Delta-V), acceleration / deceleration, crash pulse, braking (on/off), pre-crash steereing inputs, engine rpm and restraint system information such as airbag deployment status or seat belt usage.  Crash data may be recorded for the short collision phase and typically for five seconds of Pre-Crash information.  The specific data recorded depends on the year, make, and model of the vehicle and which specific ACM is in the vehicle.  Crash data retrieval ( CDR ) is the process of imaging (downloading) the crash data in a translatable and readable format from the EDR via hardware, cables, software, and a competent trained CDR technician.  The data obtained by CDR can be a useful supplement to traditional accident reconstruction analysis techniques in what is often referred to as performing a "situationally complete" accident reconstruction.  

Our company is equipped to perform crash data retrieval from many passenger vehicles utilizing the latest Bosch Crash Data Retrieval ( CDR ) tools and software.  Mr. Christopher Gayner has completed the certification process for CDR Technician Level One, CDR Technician Level Two and CDR Data Analyst offered by the Bosch approved courses through the Collision Safety Institute ( CSI ) and the Center for Public Safety, Northwestern University. We provide CDR imaging services and CDR data analysis in conjunction with our other accident reconstruction services or as a stand alone process for attorneys (criminal & civil), insurance companies, law enforcement agencies, or other accident reconstruction experts. 

NOTE:  Event data recorder ( EDR ) and Crash Data Retrieval ( CDR ) downloading may be a time sensitive issue.  Important data and information pertaining to a crash event may be lost or overwritten if the crash data retrieval is not performed in a timely manner subsequent to the collision event.  Please contact our office ASAP if you have any questions about the EDR / CDR applicability, issues or capabilities with respect to your vehicle accident case and subject vehicles.

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